What is 'real' jewelry?

Quite a few visitors at Mississippi say, "We wear only 'real'." On seeing some of our designs they say, "Oh, this! This we have in 'real'."

At best, this reality business only amuses us.

What is it that we see in the above pic? Real or unreal.

When visitors utter 'real', they seem to mean gold. They seem to mean diamonds. They seem to mean hyper-expensive.

The word 'jewelry', if traced back to the origins, actually simply means 'play of light'. (You can find out the etymology of the word through Google.) In the light of the meaning of 'play of light', jewelry is anything and everything. All comes to down how a piece of jewelry is composed to look.

But then, if it's so 'real' and hyper-expensive, it will sit in the locker most of the time. Where is the play? Where is the light? Where is that desirable look?

For us, when you are able to enjoy the play of light without any fear or worry, it's real.

Is your look real? Or is the jewelry that's sitting in the locker real?